Monica and I used to do everything together. I guess that's kind of standard when you're identical twins, but with us, it went on until we were into our twenties. Until I met Nick, really.

Nick swept me off my feet. He's so different from me, and yet we work well together. He is adventurous, always craves excitement. Monica and I were nothing like that. We preferred beach holidays rather than trekking through some wilderness. But with Nick, I discovered a love for adventure. Our holidays turned to wild water rafting, mountain climbing, swimming with sharks. It didn't hurt that Nick is loaded and loved to whisk me away to exotic places. Not that I'm complaining...

After a while, I started missing the holidays with my sister, though. She had found herself a boyfriend as well. Alberto was a banker. Rich and successful, but risk-averse and not at all adventurous. I knew there was no way I could convince Alberto and Monica to go on an adventurous holiday with Nick and me. So I suggested to Nick that we go on a relaxing beach holiday with my sister.

"It's going to be boring," Nick complained. "What are we going to do all day?"

I shrugged. "Relax. Read. Drink. Lie in the sun. Swim in the sea. We've been so busy lately, a holiday like that will be perfect for reducing our stress."

"I reduce stress by staying active," Nick pointed out.

"We can still go snorkelling or diving," I countered. I had my eye on a villa in the Maldives where the water was perfect for scuba.

"Diving would be nice."

I could hear Nick's resolve wavering. I stepped closer and ran my hands over his chest. "And we can have sex. We're always so busy on our adventure holidays that we don't...

I could hear Nick's resolve wavering. I stepped closer and ran my hands over his chest. "And we can have sex. We're always so busy on our adventure holidays that we don't nearly have sex enough. At the villa, we could have sex all day long if we wanted." I moved my hands lower and cupped Nick's stiffening cock. We both loved sex, but our lives had been busy and stressful and it had been a while since we had really taken the time for something more than a quick fuck.

Nick groaned with pleasure. "What about your sister and Alberto though?"

Monica loved sex just as much as I did and I assumed Alberto did too.

"They'll want a sex-fuelled holiday as well," I said. "It's a big villa, we won't be in each other's way."

Nick pulled me closer, his hands gripping my ass. He kissed my neck in that spot below my ear I love so much. A thrill ran through my body and I whimpered softly. Nick pressed his erection against my hip.

"Sex all day long?" he whispered in my ear.

"All day," I moaned.

He shifted one of his hands and pressed the sodden fabric of my panties against my aching pussy. I gasped.

"Would you like to show me a preview?" he growled.

I pulled away from him and grabbed his hand. I led him to the sofa and slipped off my panties. I lay down, my legs spread and he knelt between them. As he fastened his mouth to my swollen sex, I smiled. I had got my way.

Despite Nick's moaning about not having an adventurous holiday, we enjoyed our time in the Maldives immensely. It was lovely to catch up with Monica and to get to know Alberto better. He wasn't as stuck up as I feared. For a banker, he had quite a sense of humour, even if he still seemed a bit stuffy. His idea of dressing down was to shed his tie. Monica told me she loved seeing him in his button-down shirt and dress trousers. As long as it worked for her...

True to my word, Nick and I went snorkelling and diving, and in the afternoons we would retire to our room and have sex. Slow, leisurely sex, or sometimes marathon fucking. Nick is a beast in bed, he can go for hours. 성인웹툰 He always makes sure I get what I need as well, which is what I love about him. He can give me multiple orgasms before he comes.

I had no doubt that Monica and Alberto had a similar routine. Every morning they went to the beach and every afternoon they disappeared to their bedroom. Monica isn't quiet during sex and I sometimes could hear her cries of ecstasy when Nick and I were fucking. It never failed to arouse me-I love hearing other people fuck. I love it almost as much as I love people seeing me fuck. I'm a bit of an exhibitionist and on more than one occasion Nick and I have had sex in public, where people could potentially see us going at it. Nick likes that as much as I do-I guess it taps into his love for adventure.